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The most highly anticipated cigar app. Smoking cigars should relieve stress, not add to it. Boxpressd Social is your all in one cigar management app.

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Boxpressd Virtual Humidor

Virtual Humidor

  • Purchases made through our app sync directly to your virtual humidor or simply search a product and easily add all cigars included to your virtual humidor
  • Track how long cigars have been in your humidor
  • Add purchase location and price
  • Easily create a smoke session
  • Set the virtual humidor as your default screen

Find cigar shops, lounges, or bars nearby

Looking for a great spot nearby to find your favorite sticks? Boxpressd shows you the best places in the area, whether you can buy cigars there, and if they are smoker friendly.
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Boxpressd Smoke Sessions

Smoke Sessions

Check in at your favorite spots with detailed notes, drink pairings, and more!

Tap "Smoke Now" from any cigar detail page.

  • Tag friends
  • Add drink pairing
  • Build your own flavor wheel with notes
  • Keep track of purchase details
  • Add smoke durations

Stay Social

See what other Boxpressd users are smoking and find ratings, reviews, photos, video, and more.

Quickly favorite a cigar, find where to buy it, or save it to your Try List so you can find it again when you're ready to buy some new sticks.

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Boxpressd Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Boxpressd now lets you switch to dark mode. Simply tap the menu icon in the top left corner, tap on the settings gear next to the cart icon, and toggle the switch to "Enable Dark Mode". Your eyes will thank you.
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